Wednesday, March 9, 2016

NICOP Procedure Online -Overseas ( Dubai ) resident guide

NADRA Provide us a very good facility to get NICOP at your door step. Here I am sharing my experience  how I obtained NICOP in only 15 days at my door step in Sharjah. Below is the procedure :

1)Goto to Nadra website Click here .
2) Now Register  By Clicking on Register An Account 

3)Now fill the form and continue
4)Now  after login you will see terms and condition page and the below page will visible. Click on Go to identity M
5) Now Click on New Application 
6) Now follow the steps 
7)Fill all the information name , address etc.
8) Upload documents photo with white background , passport scan copy, NIC scan Copy , Marriage certificate (if married of course :)) and birth certificate as I have modify my birth place destrict .
9) You need 2 reference of any friend so you need their Id card number
10) For you finger prints you have to fill finger print form that form have tracking Id where 
Sample finger print form can be downloaded from Nadra's Download page or click here  
11)Now Print out finger print form and using black stamp pad put all the finger prints on mentioned boxes in the form.
12)Now Scan this finger print form  , while scanning you must select 600 DPI and grey scale option that is available in scanners option. If you not chose these options your form will not be accepted.

I have paid 6400 rupees by credit card 5400 is the fees and 1000 is delivery fees for Sharjah/ Dubai and received my NICOP in 15 days.

Summary of the Process :

  • Click on the green Get Started button at the top to launch the Pak-Identity Application System
  • Register your account there
  • Create an application in the appropriate category
  • Provide details for the following:

    • Personal
    • Spouse / Parents
    • Relatives
  • Scan and upload your photograph Must be white background
  • Scan and upload the supporting documents like passport, birth certificate etc
  • Download and print the  fingerprint form on A4/Letter page size.
  • Capture your fingerprints on this form with the help of the Fingerprint guide available in nadra page.

  • Scan and upload the fingerprint form.
  • Scan quality must be a minimum of 600 dpi in Grayscale.
  • Review the information you provided and sign the declaration.
  • Provide your address for card delivery.
  • Pay application fee online with your Credit Card/Debit Card.

  • Now wait in 15 days you will get the Nicop in your door step :)

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