Wednesday, December 9, 2009



Attached herewith a good template, with using of Match index. I applied these tools on media industry, but sure that can be used in any industry.



Thursday, November 12, 2009

Valuation by DDM Method

 Dear All,

You may find herewith a good template Valuation by DDM (dividend discount model), I got this article and example from aswath damadron.
Aswath is a professor of Stern School of Business, New York University. Template is based on actual data.

In template, please take blue font as a variable.

To download template, please click here;


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Complicated Nested IF Loop (MS EXCEL).

My Friend asked me a Question and for him I have made this template. In this template I have try to describe using of Nested loop.
The scenario is that we have different shops in our company and we want to see in which month sale has changed so our result will be that month like june on row 2
The Wokring formula is in column Q.
Download Template:

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Financial Feasibility study of business plan

A good template has been developed, in this template please take blue font as a variable. This is good template for new business and can be applied for existing one.

I worked on the longterm financial projection of 4 years and after that supposing the business is in stable phase. Due to this reason applied terminal growth from fifth year.

Please review and add your comments so that could furth improve it.
I did not focus on cost of equity, took it simple.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I am presenting herewith another method of extracting data from ledger, with using of strong tool of sum array. To run sum array you will have to enter "Ctrl SHIFT ENTER" then array will work.

This is a practical approach, please apply and enjoy the template. Through these method "Sum Array function" you can become more productive.

For download click HERE

Jamal Qamar

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Business Plan Template


Please download herewith a good business plan template.
You can apply this business plan template in your practical life.
This is also very good for university student. Go through meticulously and try to become an entrepreneur rather than to go for job, not try to become servant.

I got also this template from intrnet, and applied this template in my practical life.

For download the template, go to the link given below.


Mobile Computing begginers

Well I just start working on Mobile Computing here i want to share some of my experience, hopefully it will helpful for beginners.

I am comfortable with .NET platform.So,I have a question which mobile is best for me for development Is:
IPhone,BlackBerry,HTC etc.


*As I prefer to write code using the .NET Compact Framework, I go for the HTC Phone.
However,if you just want to try your hand at mobile phone programming, you can choose whichever phone you want as all of them include J2ME Emulators and you can write your programs in Java Micro Edition.

iPhone - Object C
Blackberry - C#
HTC - Java

*Development Tools/Resources:
iPhone - (Includes documentation, guides, tutorials etc).
Blackberry - (Includes tutorials, tools and resources).
Note:With the iPhone dev kit you need an actual Mac.

Important thing is that IPhone being apple you will have the hardest time to promote software due to copyright of applications, yet the most money is in iphone aps. htc is the most open to aps. If you are just starting you are looking for a phone with open aps like G1 with android software. It is open software and anyone can make and upload aps. Please note that every phone have different capabilities so the app is limited by the device. Note that blackberry run throw a host server. and other phones go straight out to the internet.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sales Analysis

You may find herewith a very strong template for sales analysis. You can analyze sales by product wise, Employee wise, customer wise and product category wise on just one click. This is helpful for marketing analyst, financial analyst and other executives. The same template can be used for other activities like purchase. This will be just a support for you.
In this template you can compare current performance vs. last corresponding period and can identify variance % so that corrective action could be taken in mean time.
In this template you will have to just collect data from system with different field like product, category, employee and customers. If you have more field can use, in this situation definitely it will be more dynamic and more result oriented.
There is only one thing in which you have to be very careful, you will have to use unique head excel can easily do this work. I use choose function for this template and conditional formatting to hide when heads are not available.
Please send your comments so that in future it could be improved more.

Jamal Qamar

Donwload Template

Friday, September 4, 2009


This is a good template for those who work particularly on account analysis. I considered here expense account for this purpose.

DSum function is very good for grouping data from ledger; someone uses Sumifs (only available in Office 2007), Sumif and Sum array function for achieving this objective.

You can also use DCount, DAverage, DCount, DGet and DProduct in place of DSUm, but should be careful in working.

Only thing which you have to learn in DSum is its criteria option, put focus on criteria go to internet and learn more. The function will make your routine work very simple.

The function of Database (DSum, DCount, DAverage, DCount, DGet and DProduct) will be suitable also for marketing professionals because they can analyze data on product wise, region wise, sales personnel wise and etc.

For more useful Template Click on Link shown Top of the page.

Download Dsum Template Link1

Download Dsum Template Link2

For more Useful Excel Templates & Analysis Tips, visit links Given national admission UK

Monday, August 31, 2009

Cash Receipt Template(MS Excel)

This is a good template for those who work on monthly feasibility study for a longer time of period. I used three methods, used any one as per your convenience.
In this template you have to select receivable days, the model will adjust receivable amount, GST, Bad debts, write off and cash receipt automatically. Please consider blue font as a variable.
To achieve this objective, I used Hlook up function extensively. Through this model, I made my financial model more and more automated. Earlier, I have to manage receipts, bad debts and write off manually for direct cash flows.
Same tips one can apply as per his/ her requirement. This will be helpful particularly for Account, Finance and other Business professionals. It has been designed in more sophisticated way so that everyone could get advantage of it.

Please go through the template meticulously.

Through this template:
· You may learn Data Validation.
· You can apply H lookup function.
· You may use Nested If function and IsError.
· You may apply Index and Match function.

Download Template Link 1

Download Template Link2

Snapshot is given below for your interest.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Variance Analysis (MS Excel)

This template is very strong.
This will be helpful particularly for Account, Finance and other Business professionals. Through this template, you can manage your periodic reporting in more effective and efficient way and definitely you will be more and more productive.
It has been designed in more sophisticated way so that everyone could get advantage of it. In data sheet, you will have to take care of sensitive area any deletion or insertion may create problem.
Please go through the template meticulously.
Through this template:
· You may learn Vlookup
· You may use Choose function.
· You may apply Offset function.
· You may use Text function with date

Click here to Download Link1

Click here to Download :Link2

Snapshot is given below for your interest.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Final Year Project

Final Year Project (FYP) the time when you have to register your FYP the basic problem is Project "Idea". Something new,Somthing unique, never implemented before...blah blah :) a hell alot of constrains.

Well I research to find some new Idea,i found some links which i want to share, i hope it will helpful for Final Year students of Computer Science.

Well I chose Project on Computer vision.Here is a video which will give you an idea about computer vision projects.

I found an (open source, C#) framework for image processing AForge.Net.

In AForge.Net you can find samples and very helpful documentation just check AForge.NET website .