Monday, August 31, 2009

Cash Receipt Template(MS Excel)

This is a good template for those who work on monthly feasibility study for a longer time of period. I used three methods, used any one as per your convenience.
In this template you have to select receivable days, the model will adjust receivable amount, GST, Bad debts, write off and cash receipt automatically. Please consider blue font as a variable.
To achieve this objective, I used Hlook up function extensively. Through this model, I made my financial model more and more automated. Earlier, I have to manage receipts, bad debts and write off manually for direct cash flows.
Same tips one can apply as per his/ her requirement. This will be helpful particularly for Account, Finance and other Business professionals. It has been designed in more sophisticated way so that everyone could get advantage of it.

Please go through the template meticulously.

Through this template:
· You may learn Data Validation.
· You can apply H lookup function.
· You may use Nested If function and IsError.
· You may apply Index and Match function.

Download Template Link 1

Download Template Link2

Snapshot is given below for your interest.

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  1. Thanks for the template.its relly helpful for me.