Sunday, August 30, 2009

Variance Analysis (MS Excel)

This template is very strong.
This will be helpful particularly for Account, Finance and other Business professionals. Through this template, you can manage your periodic reporting in more effective and efficient way and definitely you will be more and more productive.
It has been designed in more sophisticated way so that everyone could get advantage of it. In data sheet, you will have to take care of sensitive area any deletion or insertion may create problem.
Please go through the template meticulously.
Through this template:
· You may learn Vlookup
· You may use Choose function.
· You may apply Offset function.
· You may use Text function with date

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Snapshot is given below for your interest.


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  2. @zee: Sorry ..
    I have Uploaded new Link.Now it will Work.

  3. zee was right.but now its working.
    Great work man,keep it up .

  4. Thanks (Anonymous) for your appreciation.

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