Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mobile Computing begginers

Well I just start working on Mobile Computing here i want to share some of my experience, hopefully it will helpful for beginners.

I am comfortable with .NET platform.So,I have a question which mobile is best for me for development Is:
IPhone,BlackBerry,HTC etc.


*As I prefer to write code using the .NET Compact Framework, I go for the HTC Phone.
However,if you just want to try your hand at mobile phone programming, you can choose whichever phone you want as all of them include J2ME Emulators and you can write your programs in Java Micro Edition.

iPhone - Object C
Blackberry - C#
HTC - Java

*Development Tools/Resources:
iPhone - (Includes documentation, guides, tutorials etc).
Blackberry - (Includes tutorials, tools and resources).
Note:With the iPhone dev kit you need an actual Mac.

Important thing is that IPhone being apple you will have the hardest time to promote software due to copyright of applications, yet the most money is in iphone aps. htc is the most open to aps. If you are just starting you are looking for a phone with open aps like G1 with android software. It is open software and anyone can make and upload aps. Please note that every phone have different capabilities so the app is limited by the device. Note that blackberry run throw a host server. and other phones go straight out to the internet.

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