Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sales Analysis

You may find herewith a very strong template for sales analysis. You can analyze sales by product wise, Employee wise, customer wise and product category wise on just one click. This is helpful for marketing analyst, financial analyst and other executives. The same template can be used for other activities like purchase. This will be just a support for you.
In this template you can compare current performance vs. last corresponding period and can identify variance % so that corrective action could be taken in mean time.
In this template you will have to just collect data from system with different field like product, category, employee and customers. If you have more field can use, in this situation definitely it will be more dynamic and more result oriented.
There is only one thing in which you have to be very careful, you will have to use unique head excel can easily do this work. I use choose function for this template and conditional formatting to hide when heads are not available.
Please send your comments so that in future it could be improved more.

Jamal Qamar

Donwload Template


  1. Dear Sir,
    I really like this template and it could be very useful for my business.

    How can I create in excel a control like the one you used to choose different analysis for different categories (product, customer, employee, ...)??

    Thank you very much!


  2. Hey I want to see this model but my computer can not read the document. How was it done. I use word 7


  3. I can not download the file but I am eager to have a look at it. Can you please send to my e-mail account, tubabarutgan@gmail.com
    Best Wishes,
    Tuba Barutgan